Smart SMS socket Telemetrics
80 EUR
Smart SMS socket with a thermostat function that allows you to control heaters and other electrical appliances
Remotely turn on/off the heater
Maintaining a constant temperature in the house
1. Remote activation of the heater before arrival
2. Remote lighting control
3. Remote control of the light in the aquarium
4. Remote control of watering plants
5. Remote reboot of the router or server
Working range — GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
App for iOS or Android
Turn on/off when the temperature is reached
Complete set
1. Smart socket
2. Temperature sensor
A timer on/off
Schedule setup
3. Instruction
6. Imitation of the presence of the owners in the house
7. Control via app or SMS
8. Informs about a power outage
9. 2-year warranty
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