Quartz heater
55.99 EUR
Quartz heater for maintaining a comfortable temperature in apartments, country houses, offices
As the main heating in country houses and summer cottages
As additional heating in apartments located in old and poorly insulated houses
To maintain a positive temperature in winter in country houses and cottages, when no one lives there
1. Low power consumption
2. Doesn`t burn oxygen, doesn`t dry air
3. Fire-proof, doesn`t scorch children and animals
4. Is connected in low-power houses
5. Gives mild, pleasant warmth like a real oven
6. The beautiful design, fits perfectly into the interior
Heated area of the premise – 12 m2
The temperature of the surface of the radiator – 95C
Heating time to 75C to 20 minutes
Cooling down of the radiator after shutdown – 2C per minute
Electricity consumption – 0.4 kW/h
Mains voltage – 220V (±10%)
Dimensions — 600х350х25 mm
Weight – 12 kg
Complete set
1. Electric cable 1m
2. Cable plug (separately, not connected to the cable)
3. Brackets for mounting the heater to the wall
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