Digital Thermostat Floureon
35 EUR
Automatically turns on/off the heater to maintain a constant temperature. Optimizes the operating time of heaters, reduces energy costs
Programmable Thermostat suitable for apartment and house
Maintains a constant temperature
1. Automatic maintenance of temperature
2. Programmable day and week modes
3. Easy operation thanks to the touch screen
4. Stylish, modern design
5. Easy installation and use
Touchscreen display with blue backlight
Built-in temperature sensor
Protection of settings when power failure
Complete set
1. Thermostat
2. Instruction
Reduces electricity bills
6 day and week programs
Temperature display accuracy — ±0.5 °C
Temperature adjustment range — 5-35 °C
Maintains temperature within — ± 0,5ºC
Display size — 63х63 mm
Device size — 86х86х13 mm
3. Mounting screws
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